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Get exclusive access to our one of a kind subscription dog box.

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The toys & treats your dog will love delivered to your door step monthly.

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Warning: Once your dog knows the color of our box he may beat you to the door, so be fast.

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With almost DOUBLE the items as our competitors, our box is full of essential dog products to keep your dog healthy and having fun.

Dental sticks to help bad breath and keep your dog's teeth squeaky clean.

2 Bags Of Healthy treats to keep your dog in great shape.

2  Fun, High Quality, & Durable Toys.

1 Handpicked "Owners Item" as a gift from us to you.

$35.97* / box


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Avoid that trip to the store and let us bring the goods to you.

ATTN: We are running a site-wide discount of 10% off valid until February 31st using code "FETCH10" at checkout.

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